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Determining Your Rights & Pursuing Damages

Insurance is meant to protect you and your home from financial devastation in the event of an unfortunate and potentially devastating occurrence. Policyholders pay a premium every month with the assumption that the insurance coverage will be there to provide them with compensation when it’s needed. Bad faith on the part of an insurer can occur when the insurer refuses to honor legitimate claims or fails to provide the full payment in a timely fashion.

If you believe that your insurer has withheld benefits or treated you unfairly, you may have legal options available to you. Schimmel & Parks, APLC can help you determine your potential rights and claims as an insured, as well as damages you may be eligible for due to the unreasonable or fraudulent practices of your insurer.

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Homeowners can file insurance bad faith claims when the insurer:

  • Fails to promptly and thoroughly investigate and pay on a property insurance claim
  • Uses unreasonable interpretations of insurance policy language
  • Unreasonably refuses to defend or settle a case if you are being sued
  • Underpays claims/refuses to offer full compensation

Don’t settle for anything less than the full value of your insurance claim. Years ago, we used to represent insurance companies—we don’t anymore but it gave our firm first-hand experience navigating the claims handling and internal operations of insurance companies. We understand the complexities of policy language and the nuances of insurance contract interpretation. Our Sherman Oaks lawyers serve clients throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.

Schimmel & Parks, APLC: Obtaining Results Our Clients’ Deserve

Schimmel & Parks’ attorneys have handled the full range of first-party and third-party insurance coverage and bad faith cases, involving both commercial and personal insurance policies against insurance carriers, brokers, and agents. Whether the case involves a claim under a Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy, a property insurance claim under your homeowner’s policy, or a professional liability claim under your E&O policy, Schimmel & Parks, APLC can help you determine and pursue your rights as a policyholder and to ensure you are treated fairly and in good faith by your insurer.

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Proven Success in State & Federal Courts

With plenty of experience and an impressive track record of success to back it up, we are known for our ability to secure favorable results on behalf of our clients in trial, appellate, state, and federal courts.

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Recent Insurance Bad Faith Result

$ 150,000,000

Obtained more than $150 million in recovery for policyholders victimized by insurance bad faith practices following Northridge Earthquake.

Recent Class Action Result

$ 23,000,000

Obtained $23 million judgment on behalf of a class of employees for personal injury and loss of property related to illegal working conditions.

Recent Insurance Bad Faith Result

$ 4,000,000

Recovery of more than $4 million in defense costs for insureds denied their right to independent counsel by their insurance companies.

Recent Employment Law Result

$ 3,650,000

Obtained $3.65 million recovery on behalf of joint venture partner in partnership dispute.

Recent Personal & Catastrophic Injury Result

$ 3,300,000

Recovered $3.3 million on behalf of residents of mobile home park when property defects led to flooding.