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Pregnant employees may be vulnerable during job transfers

One of the main reasons that so many pregnancy discrimination lawsuits happen is because the employers lack flexibility for major changes in a worker’s personal life. It is understandable why it can be difficult for them to adapt to these major alterations at work, but simply firing the employee for being pregnant is never the right solution.

However, there are some instances where more than one change occurs at the same time as the pregnancy. Some expecting workers may end up on the verge of getting promoted or transferring to a new location, placing them in an even more vulnerable position. These employees should be aware that some employers may use this transitional period as an opportunity to get rid of them.

Transitioning former security guard claims employer retaliation

Despite the growing acceptance and increased protections accorded to Californians who are transitioning or transgender, there continue to be incidents of discrimination, harassment and employer retaliation. For those who are dealing with these behaviors, it can cost them their job and present other problems in their lives. Fortunately, there are alternatives to seek justice by considering a legal filing for compensation. Those who have been mistreated in this way should remember their rights and take the necessary steps to pursue a legal case.

A person who worked at the LGBT Center has filed a lawsuit claiming to have been subjected to harassment and discrimination at the workplace in 2018. The woman says she faced retaliation, a failure to prevent harassment, and discrimination based on gender identity. She was on the job for an estimated four months. She says she was born as a male and has been presenting herself as a female. She says that because she was transgender and due to her sexual orientation, she was harassed. Comments were made asking if she intended to remove her male genitalia and if she was transgender. She was told to admit that she was a homosexual man.

City sexual harassment and discrimination policies streamlined

Sexual harassment, discrimination and other illegal treatment of workers are a problem in many workplaces whether it is in the public sector or private sector of Los Angeles and throughout California. This continues to happen despite workers' growing willingness to come forward and report what they have been subjected to. Still, the issue frequently stems from a lack of oversight and problems with knowing how to go about reporting the behavior so it will stop and those who have committed it will be penalized. Understanding how to go about stopping it and seeking compensation for the mistreatment requires experienced legal help.

While sexual harassment and discrimination is often considered to be prevalent in the corporate culture or jobs in which the employees are low-skilled and low-paid, it also happens in city jobs. To reduce it and make it easier for employees to report violations, the City Council has agreed to implement reforms. The motion to combine and simplify the previous policies for harassment and discrimination was made in February and recently approved. The goal is to stop these forms of mistreatment and abuse and give employees improved options to report it.

Is it employer retaliation if the dismissal is due to an illness?

In many California workplaces, workers are concerned about their job if they become ill and miss work. The circumstances will dictate what an employer can do to an employee who misses work without approval. There are times when employer retaliation is a legitimate problem and rather than face the possibility of job loss or other sanctions, employees feel as if they have no alternative but to work despite an illness. If a worker is so ill that he or she takes time off work and is retaliated against, it is important to know if the situation warrants a legal filing.

Employers are not allowed to fire employees if they miss time due to illness in the following situations: if the employee is suffering from a disability and has the right to take time off as part of a reasonable accommodation; or if the employee has a "serious health condition" and they can take leave based on the California Family Rights Act or the Family Medical Leave Act.

Get your boss to pay attention to sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a serious problem in our workplaces. Research shows that between 25-50 percent of women have experienced sexual harassment at work. Emotional trauma, decreased productivity and higher turnover rates are all linked to sexual harassment. After all, it’s difficult to work where you don’t feel safe or comfortable.

Reporting harassment, however, can be difficult. Among the concerns many victims have is fear of retaliation and whether reporting the incident is worth the trouble. Remember that you have the right to a safe workplace environment. If you believe you have experienced sexual harassment at work, here are some actions you can take.

Former broker alleges sexual harassment and other violations

Despite greater attention being paid to how workers are treated in California and across the nation, there are still many allegations of workplace violations that come up. Many are related to sexual harassment, but others cross the lines into different areas from pressure to commit fraud and wrongful termination. For people who are finding it difficult to work at a workplace due to harassment, are wrongfully dismissed or are confronted with any mistreatment, there are options to file a lawsuit and be compensated.

A woman who worked at a real estate investment company states that she dealt with multiple legal violations and was fired. She has filed a lawsuit. According to her, a supervisor told her to commit securities fraud. The company allowed clients to commit sexual harassment against her and when she complained, she was ignored. The woman worked at the Los Angeles location until December 2018. She asserts the company was corrupt and sought profit over legality and fairness.

Independent contractor battle could cost Uber, Lyft in IPOs

Billions of dollars could be at stake as California moves to curb the use of independent contractors.

The move could affect the initial stock offerings of Uber and Lyft, both of which are valued in the tens of billions of dollars. The decision also affects other app-based companies such as Amazon and Grubhub as well other industries including trucking, construction, home care and exotic dancing.

Court hopes to reduce wildfire risks with utility punishment

Since 2018 had some of the most destructive wildfires in California history, the state has been trying to find out how liable certain utilities were during the chaos. Several of these fires were caused by faulty equipment and poor maintenance by utilities, and it didn’t take long to narrow down some of the prime suspects.

Officials found that the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) were involved with the Camp Fire. This didn’t come as a surprise to many Californians. The state has linked this utility to several of the most devastating wildfires in the last decade such as the 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion and the 2015 Butte Fire. Recently, a U.S. judge ordered new probation terms for PG&E for their involvement in the Camp Fire. These penalties have surprised many with their heavy focus on preventing future disasters.

A lawsuit can be filed after California drug rehab center abuse

When a Californian is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, it takes courage to seek help to combat the problem and get on the road to better health, free from addiction. Alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers have helped many people. However, when a facility is not run as it should be and the oversight is lacking, drug rehab center abuse can happen. Knowing the signs of abuse and neglect is key, but so too is it imperative to have a full and comprehensive investigation into what happened and why.

There are many ways in which patients can be mistreated and if this has happened, victims must remember their rights. A law firm that has experience in holding these facilities accountable for wrongdoing should be contacted immediately. Getting treatment should not result in making the addicted person worse, but when there is abuse, that is what can happen. Sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, lapses in care where the person gets access to drugs and becomes sick or overdoses and even fatalities can occur. People can be damaged for the rest of their lives and families who have lost a loved one can experience tremendous guilt.

Massage therapists sue over sexual harassment and retaliation

People in the Southern California service industry are frequently confronted with abusive behaviors. This behavior often comes from employers and co-workers, but it can come from others too. Sexual harassment can take place with clients and the employer is obligated to protect its employees from being subjected to it. If the employer fails to do so or goes a step further and exacerbates the situation by retaliating against a complaining employee, it could be the basis for a legal filing for compensation. Having legal advice when considering a case is a must.

Two women who had been employed as massage therapists at a resort claim that the parent company allowed clients to commit sexual harassment and their employer failed to put a stop to it. They allege that two clients scheduled massages and behaved inappropriately. They say that the resort let clients flout requirements for clothing during massages.

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