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Former broker alleges sexual harassment and other violations

Despite greater attention being paid to how workers are treated in California and across the nation, there are still many allegations of workplace violations that come up. Many are related to sexual harassment, but others cross the lines into different areas from pressure to commit fraud and wrongful termination. For people who are finding it difficult to work at a workplace due to harassment, are wrongfully dismissed or are confronted with any mistreatment, there are options to file a lawsuit and be compensated.

A woman who worked at a real estate investment company states that she dealt with multiple legal violations and was fired. She has filed a lawsuit. According to her, a supervisor told her to commit securities fraud. The company allowed clients to commit sexual harassment against her and when she complained, she was ignored. The woman worked at the Los Angeles location until December 2018. She asserts the company was corrupt and sought profit over legality and fairness.

Independent contractor battle could cost Uber, Lyft in IPOs

Billions of dollars could be at stake as California moves to curb the use of independent contractors.

The move could affect the initial stock offerings of Uber and Lyft, both of which are valued in the tens of billions of dollars. The decision also affects other app-based companies such as Amazon and Grubhub as well other industries including trucking, construction, home care and exotic dancing.

Court hopes to reduce wildfire risks with utility punishment

Since 2018 had some of the most destructive wildfires in California history, the state has been trying to find out how liable certain utilities were during the chaos. Several of these fires were caused by faulty equipment and poor maintenance by utilities, and it didn’t take long to narrow down some of the prime suspects.

Officials found that the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) were involved with the Camp Fire. This didn’t come as a surprise to many Californians. The state has linked this utility to several of the most devastating wildfires in the last decade such as the 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion and the 2015 Butte Fire. Recently, a U.S. judge ordered new probation terms for PG&E for their involvement in the Camp Fire. These penalties have surprised many with their heavy focus on preventing future disasters.

A lawsuit can be filed after California drug rehab center abuse

When a Californian is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, it takes courage to seek help to combat the problem and get on the road to better health, free from addiction. Alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers have helped many people. However, when a facility is not run as it should be and the oversight is lacking, drug rehab center abuse can happen. Knowing the signs of abuse and neglect is key, but so too is it imperative to have a full and comprehensive investigation into what happened and why.

There are many ways in which patients can be mistreated and if this has happened, victims must remember their rights. A law firm that has experience in holding these facilities accountable for wrongdoing should be contacted immediately. Getting treatment should not result in making the addicted person worse, but when there is abuse, that is what can happen. Sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, lapses in care where the person gets access to drugs and becomes sick or overdoses and even fatalities can occur. People can be damaged for the rest of their lives and families who have lost a loved one can experience tremendous guilt.

Massage therapists sue over sexual harassment and retaliation

People in the Southern California service industry are frequently confronted with abusive behaviors. This behavior often comes from employers and co-workers, but it can come from others too. Sexual harassment can take place with clients and the employer is obligated to protect its employees from being subjected to it. If the employer fails to do so or goes a step further and exacerbates the situation by retaliating against a complaining employee, it could be the basis for a legal filing for compensation. Having legal advice when considering a case is a must.

Two women who had been employed as massage therapists at a resort claim that the parent company allowed clients to commit sexual harassment and their employer failed to put a stop to it. They allege that two clients scheduled massages and behaved inappropriately. They say that the resort let clients flout requirements for clothing during massages.

California wildfire seasons may soon become year-round

Typically, the rates for natural disasters to occur in the nation spike around a certain time of the year. There’s a higher chance for tornadoes to form in the Midwest around early summer while hurricane season lasts from late summer to mid-fall. For a while, you could say the same thing about California’s wildfire seasons. While there were a few occasionally on questionable dates, most burn damage usually occurred around fall.

However, recent years have made Californians question the probabilities. Even though October and November wildfires still tend to have more acres burned and lives lost, there’s been an increasing amount of wildfires happening around July and even the earlier winter months such as February. Many residents wonder if it’s a threat that needs to be taken seriously throughout the whole year, and a recent study might confirm some of their fears.

Can I file a complaint for employer retaliation in California?

Despite worker complaints and rights being granted greater attention in the media and public, employer retaliation and other forms of mistreatment against employees remains a problem in California. There are many ways in which a worker can be retaliated against. Understanding when there has been a legal violation is a foundational aspect to filing a complaint with the state and seeking compensation in a legal filing. Knowing who can file and how to go about it is one of the first steps toward a case.

The law protects employees, past employees and those applying for employment who have been retaliated or discriminated against. These acts can encompass a person being retaliated against due to their age, race, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, national origin and much more. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing handles these cases. A complainant can discuss the case with the California Labor Commissioner's Office or another law enforcement or government entity about the case.

Losing less in a wildfire may mean losing more insurance

Insurance companies certainly have their work cut out for them after a California wildfire. Whereas most wildfires in the nation only burn down a couple of houses and some property, recent disasters in the Golden State have eradicated entire neighborhoods and killed dozens of people within days. Last year, thousands of unfortunate former homeowners contacted their insurance agents as they began the slow and painful process of rebuilding their lives.

Some people were lucky and only had their home partially damaged by the intense flames. However, they weren’t so lucky when it came to the recovery process. One story demonstrates how insurance companies prioritizing victims can lead to others suffering in the long run.

Sexual harassment and discrimination spark LGBT police lawsuit

All California workers have the right to do their jobs free of sexual harassment, discrimination and mistreatment based on race, gender, sexual orientation and more. When they are subjected to this behavior, they have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing. While many of these incidents are perceived to happen in private industries, it can occur in other circumstances as well. One surprising job where it happens is in law enforcement. Just like anyone else, these workers have the right to file a lawsuit and seek justice.

Many LGBT officers who were confronted with discrimination have filed a lawsuit because they were discriminated against due to their sexual orientation. One Californian claims he was threatened, mocked and dealt with discriminatory comments. He says that his complaints were ignored and nothing was done. This man is one of many who say they have dealt with this discrimination in law enforcement jobs across the U.S. Some say they were abused and taunted. There were hostile work environments and their chances to advance were hindered. Since 2016, at least 11 such filings were made across the nation. While the mistreatment is believed to have gone on for years, only recently have these officers been emboldened to file cases.

Hotel housekeeper files sexual harassment claim

Certain jobs in California might put workers in uncomfortable situations through no fault of their own. Working in hotels is one such job. When guests are at a hotel, the workers are required to clean up and perform other duties that might result in confusion, mixed signals and other problematic circumstances. If a guest behaves inappropriately, it is up to the employer to ensure that its workers are safe and free from sexual harassment, assault and other behaviors. Unfortunately, some employers do not adhere to this requirement and their workers are put in danger.

A housekeeper for a hotel chain has filed a lawsuit against her employer saying she was harassed by drunk men and the employer did not protect her. The woman, 51, began working for the company in 2000. She performed several jobs including cashier and hostess until 2012 when she received a breast cancer diagnosis. After a leave of absence for treatment, she went back to work. Since she had lost her hair, she says that the employer did not want her to work as a front person. Later, she was transferred to housekeeping.

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    Recovery for policyholders victimized by insurance bad faith practices following Northridge Earthquake.

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    Judgment on behalf of a class of employees for personal injury and loss of property related to illegal working conditions.

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    $4 Million

    Recovery in defense costs for insureds denied their right to independent counsel by their insurance companies.

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