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John P

My experience with Schimmel and Parks was fantastic! Their team was personally attentive to my unique needs and the results were outstanding! Highly recommend.

Erica A

Picking a legal team to represent me against one of the largest film, music, and television corporations in the world was not an easy task. I was absolutely a small fish in a large pond and was placed in a situation in which I was intimidated, bullied and at the risk of losing my job after more than eight years. I am extremely pleased that I decided to go with the dynamic team of Schimmel and Parks. Both Alan and Michael were professional, forthcoming, dedicated, available, empathetic, and quite brilliant when it came to presenting my case and defending my work performance as well as my professional and personal reputation. Schimmel and Parks was able to negotiate a seven-figure settlement for me in an extremely short amount of time and they were able to do so without dragging us into court. They are sharp, concise, witty, driven and determined to win. I am grateful they took the opportunity to listen to me, for their support of my case and for their support of me as a person. I highly recommend this legal team.

Stephanie J

I hired Alan to represent me in what seemed like an impossible case to take on. His calm demeanor made me feel comfortable and his confidence gave me hope. He was extremely dedicated to getting us the justice we deserved. Over the years we built a relationship and I could tell he actually cared about the girls in the case. His hard work paid off and I am forever grateful for that! If you are looking for an attorney, I highly recommended giving him a call!

Andrea T.

“Working with Schimmel and Parks was arguably one of the best things that came out of a traumatic event that rocked me and my family. And eventually required two separate legal proceedings and negotiations.

Alan Schimmel and Michael Parks are complete professionals, complementing each other’s legal prowess and unquestionable experience, and working together to bring about successful results with a large dose of empathy and kindness. Responsive, conclusive, and communicative throughout, they were gracious with their time in listening, understanding and representing us above and beyond my expectations.”

Susan Painter

Patient, Personable, and Professional.

I am not crazy about lawyers but my experience was painless and I felt I could trust their advice. I would for sure recommend them if you are in the unfortunate position of needing a lawyer.