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Representing Victims Of Sexual Harassment Throughout Southern California

Last updated on January 13, 2021

No one should have to face sexual harassment in the workplace. Unfortunately, as recent reports in the news and across social media have made clear, harassment – and assault – remain an all-too-common reality for many California employees.

The attorneys at Schimmel & Parks, APLC, know that every worker has a right to respect and dignity. From our office in Sherman Oaks, we have helped workers from a broad range of industries hold employers and supervisors accountable for their improper actions.

State And Federal Sexual Harassment Regulations

Workplace sexual harassment is subject to both state and federal regulations. California’s laws, under the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, are particularly expansive, offering a great deal of protection to local employees. State law prohibits the following actions in the workplace:

  • Unwanted physical touching, blocking someone’s movements or assault
  • Unwelcome stares and gazes
  • Making sexual gestures
  • Displaying sexually objectionable objects, photos or drawings
  • Making derogatory or lewd jokes, slurs and other inappropriate comments
  • Offering benefits in return for sexual favors or threatening retaliation when sexual advances are rebuffed

When a coworker or a supervisor violates your rights and sexually harasses you, we will work to obtain compensation on your behalf, ensure the safety of your working environment, and – to the extent possible – obtain a measure of justice. With highly skilled and experienced trial attorneys on our team, we have developed a reputation as a premiere litigation law firm. When someone violates city, state or federal harassment laws, we will develop an effective plan that seeks a favorable outcome.

We Are Ready To Assist You

We understand how difficult experiencing sexual harassment at work can be. Our lawyers focus on creating a safe, compassionate and confidential atmosphere to help you understand your rights and options going forward. Speak with us by scheduling an appointment online or by calling 818-922-8544​.