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Protecting Your Home And Your Real Estate Investments

Last updated on February 23, 2023

When purchasing or leasing a large home, lot or commercial property, property owners and tenants are entitled to a certain level of security and peace of mind when it comes to the overall soundness of the structure and the land on which it stands. Construction and real estate defect laws are available to hold developers, contractors and landlords accountable for inadequate maintenance, inspection, design and construction of buildings for both residential and commercial use.

Schimmel & Parks, APLC, has substantial expertise representing clients in disputes with contractors, builders and developers of mansions, estates and large residential and commercial developments, both private and public. This breadth of experience gives our attorneys an edge in helping our clients pursue their rights in cases involving significant property interests.

Types Of Construction Defects

There are many ways for construction defects to manifest in a building or structure, including:

  • Soil failure
  • Slope failure
  • Cracked or crumbling stucco
  • Electrical problems
  • Foundation defects and structural cracking
  • Window leaks
  • Water intrusion
  • Plumbing problems and drainage issues
  • Wood rot
  • Mold
  • Roof leaks

In addition to construction defect issues, property owners may also have claims for breach of fiduciary duty and fraud related to the sale of their mansion or estate. Responsible entities may include the developer, contractor, architect or engineer, third-party suppliers/subcontractors or real estate professionals. No matter how complex the transaction, Schimmel & Parks, APLC, can help determine your rights and investigate all potential resources and accountable parties.

Managing Catastrophic Property Loss

Living in California, property owners face significant risks of catastrophic loss. Given these risks, property owners must often pursue claims for recovery from insurers or from entities that contribute to the exacerbation of mass disasters, whether naturally occurring or manmade, such as:

  • Wildfires
  • Earthquakes
  • Fallen electrical poles
  • Hillside failures and slope collapse

Natural disasters can be devastating to personal property, and Schimmel & Parks, APLC, has in-depth experience helping property owners navigate the labyrinth of property and liability insurance policies and situations where governmental authorities or private parties may have contributed to the catastrophe.

Schimmel & Parks, APLC: Fresh Perspectives And Maximized Benefits

At Schimmel & Parks, APLC, we approach each case we take on from a fresh perspective, striving to maximize the benefits to our clients. With years of personal and professional experience in the construction industry, we are skilled in handling even the most complicated cases.

In addition to helping our clients obtain the compensation to which they are entitled, we also believe in going the extra mile to see the process through to the end, connecting clients with reputable professionals who can help them make repairs and salvage their investment. When it comes to construction and real estate defect law, Schimmel & Parks, APLC, will aggressively and thoroughly pursue the favorable outcome you deserve.

To learn more, call or to speak with a lawyer, reach out to us today. You can call our firm at 818-922-8544​ or schedule a consultation online. Based in Sherman Oaks, we serve estate owners throughout Southern California.