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El Niño promises to bring much-needed rain to the Southern California area, which has been experiencing a prolonged period of drought. However, the predicted heavy rains may cause serious property damage due to flooding and mudslides. If your home has experienced property damage as a result of El Niño rainstorms or any other flooding incident, you need to seek the assistance of Schimmel & Parks, APLC. Perhaps you have already filed a homeowner insurance claim but are having trouble getting answers or help. If your homeowner insurance company is not honoring the terms of your policy, you are surely feeling stressed and unsure about what to do next. We can take care of this time-sensitive situation on your behalf.

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Having homeowner insurance should protect you and your home when disaster strikes. But insurance companies will often try to challenge victims’ claims or deny them outright. Our civil litigation attorneys are well-versed in insurance laws and know how to fight back against insurers that act in bad faith. Drawing on more than 70 years of combined experience, we will do everything possible to ensure your insurance policy is honored, even if it means litigating your case in court.

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Our firm believes that the rights of our clients need to be protected and upheld. As soon as we learn about your case, we will begin pursuing justice on your behalf. With our help, you may obtain the compensation you need to repair the damage done to your property so that your life may return to normal.

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