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The Thomas Fire that ignited early December 2017 has been recorded as the largest wildfire in California’s history. It scorched close to 300,000 acres across multiple counties and regions, destroying thousands of homes, businesses and other structures in its path. The agricultural industry of California alone has reported a sum loss in excess of $170 million.

The people and businesses impacted by the Thomas Fire and other fires that occur in the future must go through the difficult and oftentimes painful process of sorting out their claims and rights in pursuit of a maximized recovery. Unfortunately, due to the intricacies inherent in liability claims and damage assessment, people who undergo this process alone often limit their own financial futures through filing errors and other misunderstandings of the laws.

In order to ensure you are doing the right thing and working toward a maximized recovery, you should team up with the attorneys of Schimmel & Parks, APLC. Drawing on more than 70 years of combined experience in the field, we have earned a reputation for success — and have a long history of multimillion-dollar case results in favor of our clients. In recognition of our achievements, we are consistently selected for inclusion in Southern California Super Lawyers, and we always stand ready to assert our clients’ interests and rights.

Fire Claim Preparation And Potential Losses

In order to prepare a claim for damages caused by the Thomas Fire or other fires, there are a few items you will need to arrange. Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with fire claims and related cases. Using our insight, we can help prepare and review a claim before it is filed, as well as give you representation afterwards to ensure it is managed correctly.

To prepare and complete your claim with ample information, you will want:

  • Copies of your complete insurance policy
  • Paperwork of your finances and accounts leading up to and following the fire
  • Photographic catalogue of your property before and after the Thomas Fire
  • Medical bills
  • Receipts or approximate value of expensive items to assist with appraisals

Losses you may be able to cite in your fire damage claim include:

  • Personal and bodily injury and related medical expenses
  • Fire damage to property structures and landscape
  • Ash or soot damage, particularly in ventilation or water systems
  • Smoke damage to building interiors
  • Expenses paid in order to evacuate or relocate
  • Inventory destruction (for businesses with inventory insurance)

Working with a lawyer is crucial. Insurance companies are quick to challenge victims’ claims and will do everything in their power to deny a claim outright. We can help you fight back against such unscrupulous practices.

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