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Alan I. Schimmel Authors Article on Fire Protection in Santa Barbara Independent

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2015 | In the News

Managing Partner Alan I. Schimmel authored the article, “Legal Protection in a Fire-Prone Landscape,” published by Santa Barbara Independent advising Santa Barbara homeowners on ways to prepare for the fire season, as well as handling the insurance claims that follow in the aftermath of natural disasters. Mr. Schimmel comments, “Property damage inevitably leads to insurance claims, which can subject homeowners who have already suffered losses to even more headaches and hassles.”

Currently in high fire season, Mr. Schimmel advises Santa Barbara homeowners to take certain precautions, such as having an insurance policy specifically for fire losses, taking inventory on every item in your home, backing up important documents electronically, and hiring a lawyer to help navigate policies and coverages against insurance companies.

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