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SoCal Gas Ordered to Permanently Close Natural Gas Leak in Porter Ranch

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2016 | In the News

The Southern California Gas Company (SoCal Gas) was ordered by regulators on Saturday to permanently close the leaking gas well that has been responsible for sickening thousands of residents in Porter Ranch for the past three months. According to an article by Inquisitr, this order is a call for “drastic and immediate action” to put an end to the largest methane gas leak since the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon explosion of 2010.

A seven-inch breach more than 8,000 feet underground has been emitting methane and benzene, a known carcinogen, since late October of 2015.Every hour, 44 tons of methane gas leak from the failed gas well, contaminating the air as far as eight miles away.

Aliso Canyon Gas Leak Prompts State of Emergency

SoCal Gas is now facing an abatement order detailing how they must reduce and eventually cease to use the leaking gas well, which is now 61 years old, and come up with a better way to detect any future leaks to prevent a disaster of this magnitude from happening again. The company will also be required to perform an inspection of the remaining 115 natural gas wells at their Aliso Canyon facility, which is located just one mile away from homes in the Porter Ranch neighborhood. Furthermore, SoCal Gas will also be required to find a health study to assess any adverse health effects that the leak has had on local residents. So far, Porter Ranch residents have reported an enormous number of headaches, nosebleeds, nausea, and infections of the eyes, ears, and throat.

Nearly 3,000 households totaling approximately 11,000 people have been relocated to temporary housing at the company’s expense while they continue their efforts to shut off the pipeline. SoCal Gas has tried to kill gas flow to the well seven times already, with the latest effort resulting in a destabilization of the wellhead, increasing the chance for a blowout.

Seek Compensation for Losses

Porter Ranch residents are now seeking legal representation in droves. If you are a Porter Ranch resident who has been affected by the Aliso Canyon gas leak, contact a Southern California lawyer at Schimmel & Parks, APLC as soon as possible. We are now accepting Aliso Canyon gas leak cases, and are prepared to fight for just compensation for any losses or harm you have suffered related to this disaster. speak with a lawyer at our firm about your experience, please call 818-464-5061​.