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Alan Schimmel Representing Three New Plaintiffs in Suit Against Predatory LA Rehab Operator

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2016 | In the News

Alan Schimmel has filed another lawsuit on behalf of three women against Chris Bathum, the rehab facility operator who has been accused of sexual assault against several women in Los Angeles, CA. This is the second lawsuit against Bathum in the past six years alleging sexual battery. Bathum is also party to at least 88 more lawsuits in Los Angeles County.

As stated in our previous blog, Bathum is currently being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department, the FBI, the L.A. District Attorney, and a number of insurance companies. According to a memo in one investigation, Bathum has been engaging in an unlicensed residential treatment activity potentially involving forgery, fraud, and patient abuse. Multiple sources have accused Bathum of supplying patients with drugs before molesting them.

“These facilities aren’t monitored, they aren’t well-regulated, and the people running them are usually money makers,” says Mr. Schimmel. “And a lot of times, something horrible occurs.” (LA Weekly)

The lawsuit alleges a pattern of predatory behavior against young, vulnerable women, and accuses Bathum of negligence, fraud, sexual battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, among other charges. Bathum denies all accusations. The lawsuit also names three employees that work for the rehab center for knowing about Bathum’s misconduct and failing to report it.

Bathum was first sued for sexual battery in 2010 by Alan Schimmel on behalf of Julie Hluchota, another former patient. The lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed amount in 2011. Hluchota later died in 2015 after a long battle with substance abuse.

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