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Azusa Fire Prompting Mandatory Evacuations

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | Property Damage

A pair of wildfires growing northeast of Los Angeles continues to burn during this hot summer week, and one of them has forced evacuations of nearly 700 suburban homes near Brookridge Road and Encanto Parkway in Duarte.

The Fish Fire, which began yesterday, has grown from 500 acres to approximately 3,000 acres within the last 24 hours. The fire began as a result of a fatal car crash near Morris Reservoir on Highway 39. Firefighters are doing all they can to control the blaze, but the abundance of dry tinder, made worse by searing 110-degree temperatures and sustained wind gusts of up to 25 mph, has made this blaze a challenge to control. Firefighters are hopeful that tomorrow’s reduced wind speeds will help keep the fire from spreading any further.

The second fire, the Reservoir Fire, has so far burned at least 2,400 acres of land since Monday morning. Residents of the nearby Mountain Cove community have been ordered to evacuate as more than 300 fire personnel battle the flames. San Gabriel Canyon has also been evacuated, and Highway 39 was also closed.

The inland Empire Region has been placed under a smoke advisory warning, as air quality in the San Bernardino and Riverside Counties has reached unhealthy levels. Area residents should stay indoors and avoid going out as much as possible until the advisory is lifted.

The Weather Channel is providing ongoing coverage of the wildfires on their website.

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