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A lawsuit can be filed after California drug rehab center abuse

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | Drug Rehab Center Abuse

When a Californian is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, it takes courage to seek help to combat the problem and get on the road to better health, free from addiction. Alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers have helped many people. However, when a facility is not run as it should be and the oversight is lacking, drug rehab center abuse can happen. Knowing the signs of abuse and neglect is key, but so too is it imperative to have a full and comprehensive investigation into what happened and why.

There are many ways in which patients can be mistreated and if this has happened, victims must remember their rights. A law firm that has experience in holding these facilities accountable for wrongdoing should be contacted immediately. Getting treatment should not result in making the addicted person worse, but when there is abuse, that is what can happen. Sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, lapses in care where the person gets access to drugs and becomes sick or overdoses and even fatalities can occur. People can be damaged for the rest of their lives and families who have lost a loved one can experience tremendous guilt.

Because people who are experiencing addiction issues are inherently vulnerable when they seek treatment, they can be taken advantage of or outright mistreated by a rehab center and its staff. Some facilities do not perform the proper diligence when hiring people and this sparks abuse and its aftermath. Physical abuse can range from violence, pushing, keeping the resident confined and inappropriate medication. Emotional abuse can be humiliating the resident, intimidating the person, ignoring their needs and isolation. Sexual abuse can involve forcing the person to perform sexual acts and making inappropriate contact.

It is imperative that family members and other loved ones keep an eye on the resident to see if there are telltale signs of abuse and neglect such as not eating, sores, bruises, weight loss, improper hygiene and changes to personality. Taking these facilities to task requires legal assistance. A law firm that has had many successful cases related to drug rehab center abuse should be contacted as soon as possible to investigate the allegations and move forward with a case.