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Former broker alleges sexual harassment and other violations

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2019 | Sexual Harassment

Despite greater attention being paid to how workers are treated in California and across the nation, there are still many allegations of workplace violations that come up. Many are related to sexual harassment, but others cross the lines into different areas from pressure to commit fraud and wrongful termination. For people who are finding it difficult to work at a workplace due to harassment, are wrongfully dismissed or are confronted with any mistreatment, there are options to file a lawsuit and be compensated.

A woman who worked at a real estate investment company states that she dealt with multiple legal violations and was fired. She has filed a lawsuit. According to her, a supervisor told her to commit securities fraud. The company allowed clients to commit sexual harassment against her and when she complained, she was ignored. The woman worked at the Los Angeles location until December 2018. She asserts the company was corrupt and sought profit over legality and fairness.

She had started the job in September 2018 and the trouble began almost immediately. Her boss wanted her to seek investments for a fund that a client ran. This was done despite her not being licensed for that work. She was also told to lie about the amount that was invested in the fund so more investors would be willing to put money in. Regarding the sexual harassment, she says that in October, she was in New York and was spoken to inappropriately by two clients. Her boss had wanted her to take them out to a bar and she took that to imply that sexual activity was a possibility. She sought help from human resources, but her complaints were ignored. She was subsequently fired. The company denies the allegations.

For people who work in any job, there is an expectation that they will be treated fairly and not be confronted with issues that make the work environment difficult or impossible. They certainly do not believe they will be asked to commit legal violations or asked to submit to sexual harassment. However, it does happen quite frequently. Workers who are sexually harassed, retaliated against, asked to break the law and are wrongfully terminated should remember their rights. Calling a law firm that specializes in assisting these individuals is imperative when thinking about a lawsuit.