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City sexual harassment and discrimination policies streamlined

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment, discrimination and other illegal treatment of workers are a problem in many workplaces whether it is in the public sector or private sector of Los Angeles and throughout California. This continues to happen despite workers’ growing willingness to come forward and report what they have been subjected to. Still, the issue frequently stems from a lack of oversight and problems with knowing how to go about reporting the behavior so it will stop and those who have committed it will be penalized. Understanding how to go about stopping it and seeking compensation for the mistreatment requires experienced legal help.

While sexual harassment and discrimination is often considered to be prevalent in the corporate culture or jobs in which the employees are low-skilled and low-paid, it also happens in city jobs. To reduce it and make it easier for employees to report violations, the City Council has agreed to implement reforms. The motion to combine and simplify the previous policies for harassment and discrimination was made in February and recently approved. The goal is to stop these forms of mistreatment and abuse and give employees improved options to report it.

This step was taken after around 18 percent of city employees who took part in a survey stated that they had faced sexual harassment at work. The survey also showed that more than 50 percent stated they were harassed and chose not to report it. They said they were unaware of whom they should contact and how to get that information. City workplaces have a department for such reports. The survey was taken after the lawmakers who proposed the changes became concerned about sexual harassment and discrimination and how it was impacting all workplaces. The social media-based “#MeToo” movement was a catalyst. Several city workers came forward with stories as to how they were confronted with violations related to harassment and discrimination.

These changes are obviously a positive for city workers who think they have nowhere to turn when they are being harassed, discriminated against or dealing with various forms of illegal treatment at work. Although it is beneficial to have a streamlined method to report the behavior, that does not always solve the problem. Having legal advice is important as it can get the answers and move forward with viable strategies to stop the treatment and recover compensation. A law firm that is experienced with California employment law and all its aspects should be called when dealing with sexual harassment, discrimination and other illegal workplace behaviors.