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Former utility employee files lawsuit for employer retaliation

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2019 | Employer Retaliation

When employees of public and private businesses in California are confronted with wrongdoing at work, it can have a negative impact on their entire lives. Not only can it force them to decide that they cannot stay in that job, but it can place them in a position where they are unsure of what to do for other employment. When workers are harassed and retaliated against, it can include a variety of behaviors. In many instances, the victim is not even aware that there has been a legal violation. When confronted with workplace mistreatment, having legal assistance is essential to determine what steps to take.

A man who worked at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power claims he was retaliated against and harassed at work. He has filed a lawsuit. The man says that the behaviors included graffiti, a dead rat being placed in his truck and slurs. He had worked as a mechanic. He eventually resigned because of the abuse. He says that he was treated this way because of his gender and that there were perceptions about his sexual orientation. He was threatened with violence and being killed.

He says he informed his supervisors and they did not help him. They also retaliated when he filed a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Office. He had started working at the utility in 2015. According to him, colleagues said that it was a workplace tradition that new hires were to bring the entire crew for a meal at a strip club. He says he is married and refused. Later, other workers began calling him derogatory names. There was graffiti with threatening statements and other slurs written at work. Rather than investigate his allegations, he says supervisors investigated him instead. The utility says it is now investigating the claims as the lawsuit moves forward.

When people have a job, they have the right to be treated within the confines of the law and not subjected to employer retaliation, workplace harassment, failure to pay wages and benefits and more. If there are illegal behaviors at the workplace whether it is by employers, supervisors or coworkers, it is important to remember what to do to recover compensation. A law firm that has experience in employer retaliation cases should be called for help in proceeding with a claim.