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Amusement park worker alleges sexual harassment by chef

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2018 | Sexual Harassment

Despite the growing attention on people who allege they have been sexually harassed in California and across the nation, the behavior continues to a disturbing degree. While people who claim to have been subjected to sexual harassment are having their voices heard with greater seriousness, the treatment happens all too often. When there is a person at work who is behaving inappropriately, those who are victimized must remember their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing. Understanding what constitutes sexual harassment and discussing the case with an attorney is vital.

A woman who worked in a Southern California amusement park says that an executive chef at her workplace sexually harassed her. According to her, the man touched and grabbed her while he was speaking to her in a freezer. She said she walked away. The treatment began in July, and it happened on approximately 30 occasions. He also asked her inappropriate questions about her possibly having tattoos on her body that were hidden. She told human resources hat was occurring and spoke to a separate supervisor.

The victim was granted time off and was paid for those days when the chef was working. The chef has been there for many years. She subsequently complained on social media, and then quit her job. She filed a report with law enforcement, and they are investigating. The employer said they were aware of the complaints and are investigating it too.

Sexual harassment can come in many forms from inappropriate and unwanted touching, sexual comments, the showing of certain materials in print and online, the simple act of looking at someone in a leering manner and much more can all be in this category and warrant a legal filing. When employers, supervisors and colleagues are acting this way, people might not know what to do.

The fear of losing a job or being disbelieved are concerns that might prevent speaking out. However, the victim has the ability under the law to seek compensation, if they have lost the job, quit the job, been deprived of promotions, not gotten deserved wage increases and faced other issues. A law firm that has experience in sexual harassment cases can help with a legal filing for compensation.