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Sexual harassment and other claims lead to charges against judge

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2019 | Sexual Harassment

Californians who are dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace will likely be unsure of what to do about it. This is true even in the current climate where victims are taken more seriously in their allegations. When the person who is allegedly harassing others is not just a boss or a superior, but someone in a position of legitimate power in the state, the concern about speaking up will exist regardless of the encouragement from public and private entities to do so. Despite the fear, having legal advice is the first step toward putting a stop to the sexual harassment and being compensated for it.

A judge on the California Court of Appeals has been charged with numerous counts of inappropriate behavior including sexual harassment. The charges were issued by the Commission on Judicial Performance. There will be a hearing to assess the evidence against the judge. If the charges are deemed credible, it is possible that he will be removed from the bench. The charges say that the judge behaved inappropriately with a fellow judge by committing unwanted touching. He commented about her breasts and proceeded to touch one. From 2010 to 2018, he continued these acts including hugs, patting her backside and touching her breasts.

The judge is also accused of harassing members of the California Highway Patrol who were protecting the judges. One female officer said that the judge told her he wanted to undress her and have sex. He is said to have touched her thigh as she drove him and requested that she stop the vehicle for sex. Another officer claims that he was sexually inappropriate making suggestions and inviting her to come home with him. Allegations against this judge go back nearly two decades when he was in another judicial position. The women are preparing to file a lawsuit against the judge.

Any person who is dealing with sexual harassment and other unwanted behaviors at work will be impacted by it and vacillate on how to respond. If it is being done by a person who has reached a pinnacle in their professional life and is a judge or in another position of power, the reluctance can multiply. However, when the behaviors are happening and the victim wants it to stop while also protecting others from it in the future, seeking legal assistance is vital. A law firm that understands all aspects of sexual harassment no matter who is committing it can be a strong ally in seeking justice and compensation and should be called immediately for help.