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Hotels seek to curb worker sexual harassment with video cameras

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2019 | Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can occur in any kind of employment in California and across the U.S. As the increase of people willing to speak out about how they were harassed on the job has shown, these behaviors span working classes. There are, however, people who are more vulnerable to this level of mistreatment. Those in the hotel industry are especially at risk for being subjected to sexual harassment. While complaining about it might yield results, the case often hinges on evidence.

Now, many hotels are taking steps to protect workers with security through video cameras. This can be useful to those who are considering a legal filing for compensation.

At least 5,000 hotels across the nation are giving employees the opportunity to have security devices and be trained to avoid sexual harassment. By 2020, that number is expected to triple. This comes on the heels of major hotels saying they were planning to help workers with sexual harassment and find ways to prevent it. Union leaders have advocated for greater vigilance in protecting workers and this is viewed as a major step in the right direction. Another idea is for panic buttons to be installed for workers to seek help when they are harassed or face other dangers. That has yet to be implemented in a widespread way.

As sexual harassment claims were bolstered by the hashtag “me too” with prominent people in a variety of industries telling their stories of mistreatment, sexual harassment in other lines of work because a significant topic with solutions needed and suggested. For hotel workers, a California dishwasher who was a temporary staffer had filed a legal claim after he supervisor was accused of harassing her. She is believed to be one of the first complainants who brought this issue to light.

Although these are positive steps that will benefit workers, there is no one foolproof method to stop sexual harassment. There are so many forms of this behavior that it can still be difficult for workers to have proof that they were harassed and to move forward with a claim as fear of losing the job and other retribution can dissuade them from speaking out. Discussing the case with a law firm that understands sexual harassment can provide information and guidance on how to proceed. This is true for anyone who has been harassed and needs help.