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Massage therapists sue over sexual harassment and retaliation

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2019 | Sexual Harassment

People in the Southern California service industry are frequently confronted with abusive behaviors. This behavior often comes from employers and co-workers, but it can come from others too. Sexual harassment can take place with clients and the employer is obligated to protect its employees from being subjected to it. If the employer fails to do so or goes a step further and exacerbates the situation by retaliating against a complaining employee, it could be the basis for a legal filing for compensation. Having legal advice when considering a case is a must.

Two women who had been employed as massage therapists at a resort claim that the parent company allowed clients to commit sexual harassment and their employer failed to put a stop to it. They allege that two clients scheduled massages and behaved inappropriately. They say that the resort let clients flout requirements for clothing during massages.

The men are said to have exposed their genitals to the women, were aggressive in a sexual manner and asked for sexual favors. When the workers spoke to their superiors, they received no assistance and the complaints were disregarded. Later, they complained via administrative channels and filed a complaint related to sexual harassment. This was done in August 2018. By late-February 2019, they added other allegations including wrongful termination. The resort did not comment on the claim.

As the problem of sexual harassment and worker mistreatment is getting more attention across the nation, these stories are increasingly common. People who were afraid to speak up in the past are no longer frightened and are seeking justice. Laws are in place for people to be protected from sexual harassment and other wrongdoing in the workplace. However, many employers turn a blind eye, especially when it is a high-end customer who is committing these acts. Workers should be protected and, when they are not, they can file a claim to be compensated for what occurred.

High-end hotels and spas require workers to interact with customers in a seemingly intimate way. This particularly is true for those who are working as massage therapists. If customers behave inappropriately, workers should feel safe in complaining to their employer without fear of retaliation, termination or other sanctions. Any job can have these issues arise and people who have been confronted with sexual harassment or other violations should call for legal assistance immediately.