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Workers who complained to Google claim employer retaliation

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2019 | Employer Retaliation

Employees in California and across the nation who are facing any workplace violations are encouraged to report it to their employer. This is a step to put a stop to the mistreatment and get the situation on the record. Still, some employers might frown upon employees who are complaining and take tacit or overt retaliatory actions. Just as sexual harassment and other illegal workplace behavior is problematic, so too is employer retaliation. People who are confronted with illegality at work in any context can benefit from having legal advice on what to do next.

A highly public attempt to shine light on the corporate culture at Google in which 20,000 workers walked out almost one year ago has resulted in many employees saying that the situation has gotten worse. A report states that workers are increasingly reluctant to report illegality at work because they were subjected to employer retaliation. A document says that 45 workers claim they were demoted, forced out or given work that is undesirable after they reported workplace issues. They say that the company is concealing and avoiding sexual harassment and other problems.

The company issued a statement saying it supports its employees and encourages them to speak out against workplace violations. The company updated sexual misconduct policies following the walkout. Employees claim that these were positive developments, but it was insufficient to adequately address the issues. Two leaders who organized the walkout subsequently left the company. This information dovetails with other reports regarding retaliation at the company.

Employers in the “me too” era are under greater scrutiny to protect workers. Unfortunately, in many instances, much of what they are doing could be construed as limited in scope and done for appearances. People who report workplace issues should be free to do so without fear of employer retaliation. When there is any kind of violation like sexual harassment, discrimination, wage violations and more, it is important for workers to report it. If they are subjected to employer retaliation, this too could be the foundation for a legal filing and a qualified employment attorney might be able to help.