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Gas & Energy Settlement

In October 2015, over 35,000 residents in Porter Ranch, California were devastated by the failure of SoCal Gas & Sempra Energy. Methane gas leaked from a broken pipeline at nearly 200x normal levels for 112 days, making it the largest gas leak in the history of the US. Consequently, residents were displaced from their homes, schools and businesses were forced to close, and illness was increasingly reported.

Over the last six years, Schimmel & Parks has worked tirelessly in leadership positions addressing the mass tort brought against the energy companies. The firm represents approximately 4,000 of the 35 thousand cases filed across 100+ firms.

Today we proudly announce a tentative settlement of 1.8 billion dollars.

An allocation protocol and payout process will be judicially reviewed and supervised based on case qualifications such as resident location, medical complications and relocation demands. Our projected goal allows for resolution within the next year.